Algal Bloom Affects Water Taste, Odor: Manatee County

Sep 12, 2023

In recent weeks, residents of Manatee County have been noticing an unusual change in their tap water a peculiar taste and odor that has sparked concerns among the community. The culprit behind this unsettling phenomenon is an algae bloom that has taken hold in Lake Manatee, affecting the water quality and sensory experience for locals. Despite the unpleasantness of the situation, officials emphasize that the water remains safe for consumption and daily use.

Why Does the Water Taste and Smell Different?

The particular compound responsible for the altered taste and smell has been identified as geosmin. Importantly, it has been confirmed that geosmin is not an algal toxin. This serves as a crucial distinction, as not all types of algae blooms lead to the production of harmful toxins. While blue-green algae can sometimes be associated with toxins, the ongoing situation in Lake Manatee does not pose such a threat.

Treating the Problem

The issue of algae blooms is not unique to Manatee County; it’s a challenge faced by various Florida waterways. To mitigate the impact of the algae bloom, Manatee County treats its water supply with a substance aimed at diminishing the earthy taste often associated with algae. However, even the smallest traces of this compound can contribute to the observed odor. As the county works diligently to address the situation, it’s evident that collaboration between local authorities, environmental experts, and the community is essential to safeguarding water quality and ensuring a reliable supply for everyone.

How to Protect Your Drinking Water

While the water in Manatee County is safe for now, there’s no telling what may happen in the future. To help keep your drinking water from being contaminated, contact Hydrology Water Solutions today. We offer multiple top-quality drinking water filtration systems to help keep your drinking water pure and safe to drink.