Lake Manatee Algae Bloom Impacts Taste, Smell of Drinking Water for Some

Sep 12, 2023

An algal bloom has caused panic among Manatee County, Florida, residents. Some algae produce harmful toxins that can contaminate drinking water. Let’s discuss how the current bloom may be affecting your health.

The Algal Bloom and Its Origins

Manatee County Utilities has been working diligently to tackle the algal bloom issue that has taken hold of Lake Manatee. Although this phenomenon may raise alarms due to its association with harmful algal toxins, officials have been quick to clarify that the water remains safe for consumption.

The Role of Weather Conditions

The driving force behind this algae bloom is an unusual combination of prolonged hot and dry weather conditions. These environmental factors create a conducive environment for the rapid growth of algae. While algal blooms are a natural occurrence in many bodies of water, their impact on drinking water quality has prompted swift action.

Mitigation Efforts

Manatee County Utilities has taken a proactive stance to minimize the impact of the algal bloom on drinking water quality. Their water treatment process now includes the use of powdered activated carbon. This additional step is aimed at reducing the levels of geosmin, ultimately alleviating the taste and odor issues experienced by some residents.

Safeguard Your Home

The ongoing algal bloom situation at Lake Manatee serves as a reminder of the delicate balance of nature and its interconnectedness with our lives. While the taste and odor changes in drinking water might be disconcerting for some, it’s crucial to emphasize that the water remains safe for consumption. However, this may not always be the case. To feel more prepared in the future, you may want to contact Hydrology Water Solutions. We install high-performance drinking water filtration systems that will give you peace of mind that your home’s water is pure.